Thursday, January 8, 2009

The start of my life.

I have blogged before but never like this. I will have to start from the beginning so readers understand my situation. I will start with my journey to Little Rock, AR where I met my soul mate. People say that but in my case it is true. I joined the military on June 4, 2000 I didn't know how this decision would effect my life in the most positive ways. I was working in a warehouse pulling aircraft parts and sending them to the flight line where maintenance fixed the planes. Well one night I think in Oct 2001 I was talking to this girl named Kelly she said "you have to see this guy at red" (that is where the parts go to fix the planes) "he is so hot". Well his name was Mario and we had been talking on the phone for quite some time just work stuff and one of the guys that works with him came up to the warehouse to pick-up a tire and when he went back to the squadron he told Mario "you have to see this girl in the warehouse". Well curiosity got the best of him so he came to the warehouse a few days later to pick-up a part. As soon as I saw him I almost fainted. He is so hot I thought. He is tall, blond, blue eyed, and OMG'sh HOT. So, he became known as the "HOTTI AT RED" We flirted on the phone and I really didn't think much of him at this point, because I was so busy with my life and all the while he was trying his hardest to keep me on the phone talking. It didn't really hit me until I changed jobs and started delivering parts to him. I scoped out his desk to see if he was married nope no ring, no pictures, I knew that he was free. I did happen to see that he had kids no big deal I can handle. So the week of my 21st birthday party in January 2002 I asked him to join me and my friends. There you have it we are now a couple.

Well then I had to meet the kids. Daxton just turned 5 and Dawson was 2 1/2 years old. They we so cute, but the first time I met them I was mistaken for their mom. Daxton woke up and asked "mommy how long are you staying". I was in shock, I walked out of the room and stood in the hall asking.....What do I do? ...what do I say?... Do I leave? Mario came, got me, and we had a proper introduction. From then on we were all together all the time. I had never really wanted kids but that changed quickly.

To make a long story short we had a lot of ups and downs with their mom and we try to make it work everyday. But when it comes right down to it. I love Daxton and Dawson and I have been with them for 6 years now I have from day one treated them like they were mine and will continue to treat them like that. I love my boys and they love me.

Well I am going to leave it at that for now. I have to get back to my motherly duties.
With all of my love.

God bless and enjoy.

My 21st Birthday party. The first time we spent
time together outside work. January 2002

Us at the Arch in St. Louis July 2002

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  1. Awww...that is such a cute story, i wish mine was like that...hottie at red....jeeze girl your a good story teller. Tell my life that is best left a mystery. love ya