Sunday, January 18, 2009

Open Eyes.

This past weekend my eyes were opened (wide). I think God is testing me to see how strong of a mother I really am and how I handle difficult situations with my kids. There we a few things that went on this past weekend. I think that as parents my husband and I handled it very well and the kids learned their lessons.

On a better note my husband and I have been on that weight watchers diet for three weeks going on four and I have lost 6 lbs and he has lost 11 lbs. We also feel better on a day to day basis. It is still really hard to keep the temptations of junk food under control especially at night time. But we are compensating for that with the weight watchers snacks. They are really good and are helping. I hope to see more improvements in the weeks to come and make this a life style not a crash diet.

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