Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Parents Visit and first basketball game.

My parents came down to visit me this weekend. It was so cute when they showed up my baby got all excited and said "PaPa PaPa" and ran too him. This was the first time that my baby was excited to see them. Most of our visits with my parents are spread out to much that it takes him a while to get to know them. But we have been visiting them a lot lately so Daegon has got to know them.

My two older kids had their first basketball game of the year. This year is special because they are playing on the same team. They are 2 years apart and since we are in a small town they have to put 4th-6th grade on the same team to make teams to play against. I am really excited this year because my 12 year old is great at scoring baskets and my 9 year old is great at getting them ball and tackling people. So both of them together on the same team will make a great offense and defensive team. Well we went to the game and by the end Daxton was out of breath but had scored 75% of the points. The score at the end was 46-33. It is going to be a great season.

Daxton is number 34. I will have better pictures soon.

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