Friday, January 23, 2009

First date.

Another BEAutiful day! If it stays this nice outside I think I might be able to crawl out of this depression. I hate being couped up inside the house all day and I know that Daegon hates it.

Guess what folks, Daxton's is going on his first date tonight. I know that I am not supposed to talk about it, but it is going to be so cute. I just wish he would let me take pictures. Maybe I can sneak one in. They are going to the movies in Milan. It is a small town movie theater so there is no way that Mario and I could sneak in to make sure they keep things G rated. Daxton is going on a double date so I don't think that anything will happen but you never know. Mario and I are going to be in the theater so maybe we can sneak Dawson in to watch them, but knowing him he would fall asleep on the job.

P.S. If anyone is looking for a good deal Abercrombie is having a huge sale that they are not advertising. I got Daxton a couple of zip up hoodies and me a sweater for like $80.00. That is dirt cheep considering the jackets regularly cost $100.00 and $80.00. The great part about this is I can fit into Daxton clothes so we can share. I love him. He lets his mom wear his clothes. HeeHee

Spend the day outside.

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