Monday, January 12, 2009

My Birthday.

Yesterday was my 28th Birthday. I don't feel any older but I know that I am supposed to act older. I still feel like I am 21 years old...I think I am stuck on that number because it was that year that I started dating my husband. I look at my kids and know that I am getting old. When your baby boy turns 12 and announce to you that he has a girlfriend and that he wants to take her on a date then you know that you are getting old.

A DATE are you kidding me...He is 12...What could he possibly do on a date? He wants to go to the movies...HMMM...A dark theater. I don't know about that. How about Dinner with mom and dad? I just don't think he would go for that. I do have to say that this girl is cute and can she play basketball. I will add pics as soon as they are sent to me.

Anyway so for my Birthday my parents bought me a cake and took me out to eat. After they left my husband took me shopping. He does this every year. There are only two days a year that I get to go shopping and go where ever I want is on my Birthday and Mothers day. I try to take full advantage of these two days except this year we live in Tennessee and the mall here is very sad. I could have gone to Memphis but it is like an hour away and it was Sunday....Maybe next year. I bought a couple of shirts from Abercrombi and I was going to buy this purse, I think the pattern looks like a giraffe. I really think that it is cute, I will have to go back and get it some other time.

Well that was my Birthday!

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