Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frustrating Basketball

I just got back from watching my kids basketball practice and I am tired of going through the same old stuff every year. People telling me that Dax is a ball hog and Dawson is to aggressive. Telling them that they need to slow down and pass the ball. It is not their fault that everyone else sucks. You know why don't they tell the kids who suck that they suck. OOOHHH because that wouldn't be nice. We all have to be nice to the ones who don't succeed and all the others must stoop to their level. Well I think that my kids should be the best that they can be. No one should be telling my child that he should not give it all that he has....I mean come on.
Well I feel better.

Go Kids Go. You are going to be the greatest.

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  1. So true, kids should be praised for doing their best and giving it their all. Instead of being critized. Come on, if we dont praise them, then they will begin to think that their hard work and effect didnt mean anything and they will start to decline in their efforts. I hope your boys keep up their hard work and keeping proving their capabilities!! Sounds like you have two very outgoing kids.