Friday, January 30, 2009

Mario and I have decided to start a photography business. I have been working 4 days on my business plan. You can't have a business without a plan. It is just another on of those dreams that I thought could never happen. So, I am on my way to big dreams and new futures.

I can't wait. I have already found the camera I am going to use, I just have to decide which lenses I need to buy first. I know that I have to at least get one wide angel and one telephoto but there are so many. Research has been my number one priority these past few days.

Anyway at least I have a plan coming together. I can't wait to put together my portfolio.


  1. Good luck!! I would love to see your portfolio. Have you ever joined any of the digital photography groups on myspace? There is several professional photographers on there that can answer any of your questions. If you want I can send you an invite to some of the best groups with the most help, just email me if you want the names.
    I wish you and Mario the best of luck with your buisness.

  2. I think photography is great. Let me know when you want me to model for you. I'll be there within 4 hours of the call. So I'm still tryin to find a weekend to come down but Tyler is taken all the available days to work cause he needs money bad. So sadly it won't be for awhile unless i come by myself. But i love you and hope to see you soon. And Good Luck!!!!