Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another day as a mom....How SUPER can I be.

Today was just another day in the life as a parent of a teenager. My 12 Year old is still having problems telling the truth. We have been over this and over this. He has even tried to involve his 9 year old brother. So now they are both in trouble. Why to do...Do you ground them for eternity? Or do you try talking to them until you are beating your head against a wall? Well I have tried both and now we have turned to God for his help, but we are still not getting through. Maybe it is just one of those things that you have to go through. I know that he is going through a lot...not just in his school life but with his biological mom. He is feeling hurt by her and questioning whether she loves him or not. I wish I could make all that go away so that he doesn't have to deal with any extra stress. I only hope that it doesn't drive him to anything crazy like suicide. He doesn't show signs of that but you never know. You have to know what all he has been through since he was 5 to understand what he is going through. I have told him that I do not know how he feels, but I will always be there for him and that he will never have to question my love and devotion to him. So how do you get through to a child that still lies. Well maybe he needs a hobbies. My parents bought him a guitar for Christmas but he has not been allowed to play it because of his lying and grades. That could be the answer.

Lets all just pray that we make it through the teen years.

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