Monday, February 2, 2009

Book Club

Tonight I hosted my first book club. This would be the second one that I have been too. I had the best time. We read the book John 3:16 and if you haven't read it yet you are missing out. We got into deep discussions about life and how we should live for God and listen to what he is telling us to do. Oh it was just fabulous.

Tonight's meeting brings up a question that I have wondered before but never really put it into perspective for myself. Are we supposed to leave everything up to God or are we supposed to pray for guidance and let him show us the way? Well from what I have learned, we are not only supposed to say "it is in your hands now" but we also have to act on what he is telling us to do. Example: A guy is stranded on his house from the Katrina hurricane. A boat comes along with 2 guys in it. They tell him to "get in" and he says "no God will take care of me" so the guys leave. Another boat comes along with some passengers and they plead with him to get in. He says "no God will take care of me". A helicopter appears over his house and the rescue team tells him to get in or he is going to die. He says "no God will take care of me". The guy drowns and when he gets to heaven he asks God "why didn't you take care of me?" God says "I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter. What more did you need?"
The moral of the story is God will provide an answer or help, but if you just sit there and turn down every hand that is held out to you or ignore the signs, then there is nothing more that he can do.

I sometimes feel like I am the boat or the helicopter. I try to help and I never get anywhere. I get told that it is in God's hands. Although that is true you must look for the signs that God leaves for you and do what He is telling you to do. God just doesn't leave it up to chance he has a plan for all of us and I think that the plan he has for me is to raise my three boys. I think this because everytime I get a job I have to quit because there is some problem at home with the kids like grades, homework, etc. I feel that my place is here with them. That is the number one reason that photography is perfect for me. It is flexable so that I can be home when I am needed and gone when I am not.

Well that is my thought on all of this please feel free to tell me what you think.

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