Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everyone is getting sick.

Daxton is sick today, but I think that he is faking it. He did throw up this morning due to drainage but I don't think that he is really sick. He tried to play basketball with Daegon and I told him to take his butt to bed or we would go to school. So, needless to say he is in bed right now. I know what he is going through, I have been feeling under the weather for a few days now. It seems like we are all getting a touch of this sickness, I hope that it does not turn into a full fledged sickness.

This morning I tired to go to bible study, but Daegon is not feeling well, I think that he is getting an ear infection so he is going to the doctor at 2. Speaking of bible study this week I have been studying about Women being mean to other women. Well that has brought up some issues about my hubby's family. Although we are speaking to his mom and she has become a part of our lives, we are still not talking to his sisters which I have been praying about and hoping that God will touch their hearts so they will e-mail me or call me. I think that we all want to move on and some of us can't. If you are reading this pray that they will find it in their hearts to talk to me so that we can bring our family close again.

We have had some nice weather for about 4 days now but today it is starting to rain and it is dark outside. I hope that good weather returns so that we can play outside more.

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