Friday, March 13, 2009

I have the Baby Blues...

It has been a stressful and blissful day. I have been reminiscing through all of Daegon's baby stuff and getting it ready to go to my sisters tomorrow for the time being. Although, I want another child and any day now I will get pregnant, I am more than happy to let Laura use my stuff. I have everything that a child could possible need or want packed up, and she doesn't have to buy a thing but diapers and wipes. I have all kinds of soaps and lotions that I am sending, I am even sending all the pre-baby stuff. I myself can't wait to get pregnant again, but it looks like it will be a while, so I hope that my sister takes advantage of everything that I am loaning her. I know that she is reading this and thinking....Well duh! But I really want her to use it and not have to buy a lot of stuff that is not necessary. Hopefully she will have a boy and then she will not ever have to buy any clothes unless she wants too. I dress my kids quite will I think. She is about 5 weeks along right now and we are trying to plan way ahead of ourselves. I like to be prepared and have everyone around my prepared.
On another note Mario is leaving for 5 days tomorrow. I hate it when he leaves me and I have to deal with everything by myself, especially right now when I am trying to start a new job and I am not quite read too. I have a job interview Tuesday afternoon and I have to take a test for another job Tuesday morning. I will have to juggle all of my children. Oh and not to mention that Daxton has football and baseball practice. Dawson has baseball practice and no one has even told me when it will be. So next week is really going to show how good I really am. Hopefully Mario will get home safe but swift. Super we go.

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