Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy Busy

Yesterday was a day of accomplishments. I have not been sleeping very well lately, up late hours, rising early; there has been a lot on my mind. I had to get up at 6:30 A.M. and take Daxton to the doctor. It was time for his 12 year old shots. Yeah! He has always been freaked out about getting shots. He usually makes a very big deal about it, screaming, crying, kicking…I always have to have nurses to help me hold him down while he gets his shots. I told him that it he tenses up his muscles will tense and the needle will not be able to get through them as easily, so if he relaxes then it will not be as painful. I also told him to be strong and show his 2 year old brother that it is not that bad. I was so proud of him, he went in sat down and even though the nurse brought in 4 needles he didn’t even flinch. Finally, he is growing up and realizing that it is inevitable, you must get shots no matter how old you are.

I dropped him off at school, came home and studied a little bit before going to take this test for a job that I am trying to get. I know I did well I just don’t know whether they will pick me or not., I am praying that they do but you never know.

Came home for about an hour, ate something, fixed dinner, and then headed back to Jackson for another appointment with Daxton. We talked to the doctor, and then went to Wal-Mart and back home again. Getting the kids ready for bed, fed the puppies, and then off to the computer to try and learn how to do pivot tables. It is something that I don’t know how to do but I am adamant about learning. I finally fell asleep around 10:30P.M…exhausted.

Today is a more relaxed day. I am still learning how to do pivot charts, while juggling the laundry, house cleaning, and Daegon. I love chaos and keeping busy is the only thing that keeps me from going crazy.

What a blessed life I live.

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