Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Sunday!

Another great Sunday, it is warm outside and the puppies have opened their eyes. Yeah they can they will be walking all over the place and causing all kinds of trouble. I can already see the damage that they are going to create.
We had a awesome day at church today, the message was about trials that everyone, even Christians will face to make them (us) better Christians, more mature, and more faithful. Today's message really hit home with what my little sis is going through. With a child on the way and being sick beyond belief, (yes I remember being sick all day too) she is still in school and having to work while all of this is going on. These trials that are going to be put upon her will make her a stronger and more mature person. I just hope that it helps her become a better Christian.

It is true, you do fall asleep when you are tired. I found Daegon on the floor in my room asleep. He must have been really tired...Poor thing.

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