Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Missing my boys.

I am missing my boys so much right now. Daegon is in the living room watching TV and Daxton and Dawson are in Fort Smith AR. I hate it when we have to take them there, but at least it is for a week and not summer...yet. I am kind of regretting letting them go. I now wish that I had said we have plans so that I didn't have to take them. Most people love getting rid of their kids for a week but I can stand it. When they are away I feel lost and empty....no one to take to practice, help with homework, or go shopping with. I do have to say the house stays clean while they are gone. I cleaned yesterday and it is still clean. Our lives are so chaotic while they are here that we don't have time to sit and think about tomorrow. But it is day 3 and all I do is think and count down the days. Hurry Friday Hurry!

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