Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally...the baby is here.

I finally got to talk to Daxton last night, Dawson was already sleeping so I will have to wait to talk to him. Daxton told me that he pulled to teeth and one more is loose. 2 more to go and he can get his braces....Yeah! He also told me that they have been helping their grandpa paint a room in his house, Daxton said that it really sucks and they had to get up again today to finish painting...What a way to spend spring break with your mom that you haven't seen in 9 months, but whatever I think that I would use my time more wisely....That is just me though. I can't wait to get them back tomorrow.
On another note my cousin Annie was induced this morning and they just broke her water and she is 2 cm dilated. I want to go down tonight because it is the only time that I will have to see her and the baby but we will just have to see. I have a LOVE meeting tonight and I really need to go too.

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