Monday, March 1, 2010


I am starting a new chapter in my life. It is called I am tired of messing around and I want to look like I am 29 instead of 35. I tried working out by myself, at the gym and that was all good but I wasn't seeing motivating results. I lost like 6 lbs total. My bunny and I order P90X and I am so excited to start. It will arrive no later then the third of March. I have seen video's and heard stories about how challenging this workout is. I really think that we can devote 90 days to change our lives forever. I can't tell my children that eating right and exercising is the way to a prosperous life when I haven't been "leading by example". I know how hard the workout is going to be but it is what it is. I will not be posting before pictures until I get after pictures and then I might not even put before. We will just have to see...

My motivation:

My husband

Being 29 (to young to give up on myself and live mediocre)

Wanting to go to the beach and feel like I can wear a bikini.

My kids seeing a healthier lifestyle

Wanting a healthier lifestyle

More energy

SO I am ready to "BRING IT"

ON Saturday March 6, 2010.

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