Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The beginning of the longest 6 weeks of my life.

Just when we were starting to have fun this summer and get into the swing of things we had to drop my older 2 off for the summer and they will be gone for a total of 6 weeks. It has only been 5 days but it seems like it has been a life time. Starfish has fallen into only child mode. Not only does he get all of mom and dad's attention, he is the only one that gets to pick stuff out at the store.
I found out on Monday that my little sister is having a bouncing baby boy. Yeah! Now she just has to pick out a name. What shall it be Mark III? Humm! No one wants that but what can you do. When dads name and grandpa's name are the same you have to keep up the tradition.
I also started a new bible study this week called Knowing God By Name. It has started out really great and I can't wait till next week.

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