Thursday, February 18, 2010

Busy Busy

Still to busy to even begin. I am having a had time getting things going on my business end. I am so frustrated with all the new rules that they have in Texas. I have to do this and then this. I just don't know if it worth it anymore. Maybe this should be my hobby instead of a job. I love it so much but can't find them time to do anything with it. I have to make a choice work on my childs future or mine...We will just have to see.

I am still working with Littleman. We work mostly on math and writing. He is getting there but we will probably have to work all summer long to get him ready for the test that he has to take to get into school again. If only we had a whole year to prepare.

Mario is on his way home from the Fort today and will not be getting in for a few more hours. I hate it when he has to go out of town. I have to act like them mom and dad all the time. I have to do every job...discipline and comfort. I need my back-up here. Sometimes I feel crazy.

On a great note I am taking the kids to the fair tomorrow. Yes here in Laredo they let the kids out of school for the George Washington Festival. I know...I Know...It sounds weird but it is going to be a great time. They also have a Jalapeno festival tomorrow night with some great bands. I am going to try and get my already tired bunny to take me. And then we will go to the parade on Saturday. Sounds like a great weekend. Some of the locals have told me that this is the place to be. Anything to get out of this house for a night.

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