Thursday, January 7, 2010

Going Skating

Wow I just realized that this is my first post in 2010. Bye 2009...I will miss you...We have so many fun memories that I will cherish forever.
To start out 2010 we are moving to Laredo, TX. It sits right on the boarder of Mexico which kind of scares me. It is dangerous down there but as long as we stay North of the airport we should be fine. I think that we will have to live in an apartment. We all want to get down there ASAP so we have to move fast. I can't wait to start our new life...Especially the raise. I am flying down there for the week on Sunday to look for a place to live. Can't wait to find a wonderful home.
My sister has been staying with me all week. I am so glad too...She has made this week just fly by for me. We went skating yesterday and it was so much fun. I surprised myself because I remembered how...It was like riding a bike. I could even skate backwards. Go me....:0) The pictures are blurry because we were moving and I was trying to take them with my phone.

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