Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dumbest DEER ever!

It was cold and very dark outside. We were driving through Illinois talking and having a great time when I looked up to see a deer standing in the middle of the road. What a dumb deer this must have been. Walking across the road like I was going to stop. It was pitch black so I didn't even see it until we got like 5 feet away from it. It was the biggest deer that I have ever seen...I swear. I think that it exploded upon impact because that is what it felt like. I saw the deer out of the corner of my eye get hurled off to the side of the road. We ended up stopping a few drive ways down to make sure that everyone was OK and to check on the car. It was smoking it didn't sound good. But I called my dad (to save the day) and we made it home to his house. The next day my dad, Mario, and my sister had a look at it and we all decided that it would be OK to drive home as long as it was daylight. So that is what we did...We headed home. Our trip to see my grandparents turned into a short visit and we didn't even get to see them. I am scared to try again this weekend. The car is in the hospital and I am driving a HHR around. It is an OK car. It will do until I get my baby back.

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